Zumba Basic incorporates aerobic interval training with Latin-style dance movements that are moderately easy to learn because the instructors teach the basic routines and then add embellishments.

Zumba was designed to have fun and uses a variety of styles in its routines, including cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, mambo, rumba, belly dancing, flamenco and calypso. Music selections include both fast and slow rhythms to help tone and sculpt the body.

Because it feels more like dancing than exercising, Zumba is growing in popularity and geographic reach. “Don’t worry if you don’t get all the steps right away. The idea is to have fun.

  • When do the classes start & how long is the class?

Our Caribbean Dancercize and ZUMBA Fitness® Classes are conducted on specific programme schedules with our clients. Request or Select a Programme Schedule in our Request A Class Page and get started. Classes are generally 1 (one) hour in duration.

  • What do I wear to Zumba?

You can wear sweat pants, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, anything comfortable, and a good sports bra. As for shoes, wear athletic shoes that give you support. I recommend light shoes such as running shoes or cross-trainers. Also, bring at least two bottles of water.

  • What can I expect when I come to Zumba?

The instructor will lead the class in easy, simple movements that are combinations of dance and fitness. The students just follow along; usually just visual cues are given so that the class can listen to the music and immerse into the feel of the music.

  • What if I’m not coordinated and I can’t dance!

Zumba uses alot of repetition of steps from class to class. Be patient and try it out a few times. After a few classes you will know the basic steps to salsa, merengue, cha-cha and all the rest. Most of all just have fun!

  • What if I’m out of shape and I can’t keep up?

Many students start out at lower fitness levels either from injury or lack of exercise. They do whatever they can do during the class and then gradually add more. Most of the moves are low impact and the ones that aren’t can be done that way.

  • What kind of people are in your Zumba classes?

People of all fitness abilities, ages, sizes and nationalities take Zumba classes.

  • How will Zumba benefit me?

Zumba is a total package: mind, body and spirit! Physically you will burn calories, mentally you will relieve stress, spiritually you will feel joy, forget your worries. Not to mention you will make new friends and you will learn how to dance!

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