The Community Athlete Program (CAP) is a Project of the CDC Organization’s Productivity Development Program (PDP), with community and youth development projects in communities throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

Objectives building Confidence, Capability & Capacity!

A key objective is to provide medium to long term achievement benefits through focused technical and management training programs and exposure to valuable productivity, work & life-skills, thereby providing a needed catalyst to build confidence, awareness and personal values that transcend perceived functional limitations within these communities, and within our current economic and business environments.

PDP P100 Programme Structure

Our Training and Development Programs aim to avoid destructive behavioral paths, and provide engagement opportunities as a tool to constructively motivate and enhance youth skills with community development projects & activities.

CDC focus primarily on productivity skills training for income generation and business activities, with the view to helping community members to help themselves, and through the provision or sourcing of valuable technical skills training to provide job placement opportunities in the productive sectors.

CAP Community Groups, Organizations & Member Benefits

Group Members

1.  Access to amateur to elite sporting, health & fitness activities at recreational to competitive levels;

2.  Access to Technology & Entrepreneurial Skills Training with a direct pathway to associated training programs at top institutions world-wide via our associated organizations network;

3.  Provide Special Training Awards and support to group delegates, talented athletes and beneficiaries in target grassroots communities;

4.  Access to Professional Certification Training and Awards from internationally recognized and respected organizations for competitive and professional development opportunities;

5.  Participants and trainees are provided training support to become more marketable and ready for the jobs market with focus productivity skills and awareness;

6.  Trainees will also benefit from learning and honing Technical & ICT skills towards entrepreneurial and self-employment opportunities.

Groups & Organizations

  • Groups are provided their own Web Resources & Training;
  • SCHOLARSHIPS for Skills Training for Group Members;
  • Access to Online Training & Admin. Tools & Resources;
  • Management Support for Events Promotions & Marketing;
  • Projects Development, Administration & Training Support;
  • Organization Development & Administrative Support;
  • Technology Skills Training & Resources for Group Members;
  • Development & Management Support for Project Activities.

CSO Development Benefits

  • Full Ownership of Organization/Group Activities;
  • Group’s Operations & Management Autonomy;
  • Employment Opportunities for:
    – Community Experts & Practitioners;
    – Project & Group Coordinators;
    – Teachers, Coaches & Trainers;
    – Professional Trainers & Examiners;
    – Team Leaders & Youth Coordinators;
    – 3rd Party Services & Support.

VOLUNTEERS . . . The CDC welcomes the support of all interests, in combining resources, services and effort towards this cause, and towards enhancing the means and access to value-added economic opportunities for every productive member of the community.

Our volunteers and membership comprise community organizations, businesses, professionals, or any private citizen who, in their professional or personal capacity, wishes to selflessly offer their assistance, time, resources and services, with the common goal of providing valuable support and skills training, to youths and young adults with little access to valuable training opportunities in the business sector.

We invite you to join our effort and become an active member of the CDC to make your care and concern for our youth and the future of our nation count . . . learn more about CDC – ComDevCorp Training Programs & Projects!

Special Thanks to our Projects & Program SPONSORS!
Caribbean Fitness Inc.        CALDATT Cultural & Performing Arts Programmes
. . . and to our Communities, Projects & Program Activities DONORS & CONTRIBUTORS!

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