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CAP - Community Athlete Programme - CAP-TT.comCAP Management & Administration – CDC’s Productivity Development Programme (PDP) include the CAP, CADA & BTSD (Business & Tech-Skills Development) with Cultural, Sporting, Social-Skills & Educational Empowerment.

Training Programmes are open to all community members, with Special Training Scholarships offered to dedicated and gifted programme participants.

The CAPCommunity Athlete Programme engages the input and support of Professional Clubs, Coaches & other Professional Bodies as key sources of educational & technical training expertise for our Community BTSD, Sporting CAP and Cultural CADA training and development activities.

Trainees are also selected by CAP Group Coaches & Management Teams for Training Scholarships and to be up-trained in the skills-set required for the administration and management of their groups & organization’s activities and events, as well as provide access to business skills development and training opportunities for their personal & professional development.

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